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Solar Panels & Inverters

As a connected world, our increasing energy consumption has us in need of other renewable energy sources. With the sun as our biggest and most powerful asset, it makes sense to utilise our most valuable energy resource. Switching from traditional power to solar power offers positive benefits to the broader community and more direct financial benefits for the average homeowner.

By installing solar photovoltaic panels on your roof, you will be able to power your electric vehicle without the need of using costly mains power. The AUSEV network covers installations of solar panels and inverters along the Eastern and Western coastlines.

Domestic Charging & Cables

Home charging stations vary in a range of ways beyond just price and power. Many of these aren’t immediately obvious but can play a big role in how your charger functions, including different wall chargers, wireless charging, one or three-phase power, and cables plus knowing how to charge in accordance with Australian Standards.

With all this to consider, it can be tough to know which to choose. Thankfully, AUSEV can support the majority of every OEM EV sold in Australia. We know what’s out there and can help you make the right choice, first time.

Battery Systems

Aside from utilising the solar power in the home or business, another stage of the energy production process is to store any additional power in a local storage solution. Our product offering only includes the highest-performing and most reliable batteries in the world.

We can source multiple battery brands, but our most popular and most versatile battery solutions include Tesla and Sonnen. By using a home battery system with a solar panel system, there will always be power on tap to charge your vehicle on overcast days.

Commercial CHarging

Public charging projects typically include multiple high-powered EV chargers operating on a single electrical network. These designs present unique challenges that our technicians and engineers are experienced at overcoming. We aim to maximise the efficiency and output of every public charging system we install.